The Millennium in Heaven


The Millennium

The Millennium—1000 Years of Peace. As we approach the long-awaited 7th Millennium there will be more and more attention drawn to this subject. There are two main schools of thought on the Millennium. First, the belief that Jesus will return to begin a 1000 reign here on earth. Who believes this teaching? Most of Christendom believes that Jesus will return to the earth to begin His 1000 year reign. The Muslims also believe that Jesus will return. The Jewish people believe that their Messiah will come soon to reign from Jerusalem. Within the last several years another group has emerged—the Messianic believers; they also believe that the Messiah will return to reign from Jerusalem to begin the Millennium. However, this group is divided into two main groups; both believe in the 1000 year reign of the Messiah on earth but some believe the temple services will be re-instated including the sacrificial system, and this they say is what the Scriptures teach. Those who will worship there—them included, will bring animal sacrifices to be offered at the Jerusalem Temple during the Millennium and some believe throughout eternity.

The Christian believers, those who believe that Jesus/Yahshua came once already, because of Revelation 20:2-7, believe that He will begin His 1000-year reign on this earth from Jerusalem. This group believes this to be so because of the book of Revelation. The Jews and the Muslims do not accept the book of Revelation as of Divine origin therefore they do not accept the 1000-year time frame. Revelation 20 is the only place in the whole Bible that mentions a one thousand year period. Obviously, we know there is a difference in the fundamental beliefs of all these groups, however, they all have one thing in common – they are all looking for a Messiah to come to begin his reign. The three religions that claim Abraham as their father in the faith all believe in a literal, bodily return of a Messiah to reign on the earth. Are they all right in expecting a Messiah to come soon to reign on earth? Or should it be a red flag that they all believe very much the same thing—expecting a Savior to return to reign here to start the Millennium? We must consider this question objectively.

The Second view is that the Messiah will return to earth but it will not be to reign, it will be to resurrect those who have died believing in Him and gather those who are alive when He returns. Instead of setting up His kingdom here on earth at the beginning of the Millennium, this group believes that He will take the resurrected ones and those who are alive who believe in Him with Him to His Father’s house—the New Jerusalem which is in Heaven. Then, at the end of the Millennium, He will return to this earth with all the saved to recreate this planet to its Edenic state.

This Bible-based presentation clearly lays out this long misunderstood and hotly debated topic very well. As we approach the long awaited Millennium and the Messiah’s return, we must know which is correct. There is good reason that the Messiah, in His discourse atop the Mount of Olives, told the disciples that those living in the time of the end should not go to see a Messiah if they hear that He has come. Why? Because there will be false Messiahs and ultimately a false Messiah; Satan will appear in his entire splendor; if we look at him and listen to him our senses will deceive us into thinking he is the true Messiah. “Then, if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or ‘There he is!’—do not believe it. . . Listen! I have told you this ahead of time. Or, if people should tell you, ‘Look, he is out in the desert!’—don’t go there; or if they say, ‘Look, he is hiding here!’—don’t believe it.” (Matt. 24:23, 25, 26, GNB).

At the “time of the end” there will be two Messiahs, one true and one false; we must know who the True is and who is the false. The counterfeit will show up first. It will only be the Word of God that sets them apart – if we trust our senses, they will deceive us. The end will be much like the beginning. “Eve saw,” Eve relied on her senses instead of trusting solely in the Word of God. We must not make this same mistake when Lucifer shows up again at the time of the end declaring to be the Christ. This presentation systematically takes what the Bible says about the Millennium making it easy to understand. No one need be deceived.