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Upcoming Live Seminars

Missouri – December 26 – 29

Raising Up The Remnant Conference. For details, click this link for the Raising Up The Remnant Conference Facebook page

Click here for the official Raising Up The Remnant website.

Missouri – January through March

Tom will be staying in Missouri for the winter, and is available to speak at fellowships in Missouri and nearby states. Please contact us if you would like to have us share a series on end times prophecy and preparation at your location.

To inquire about inviting Tom Stapleton to speak at your fellowship, please contact us.

Tom is happy to travel wherever His Father leads. If you would like to host a series of presentations at your fellowship, please contact us. All we ask is that your fellowship will provide travel and hotel. We do not have a set speaking fee, but rather will take up an offering so that people may help support our ministry as they feel led by the Holy Spirit. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further. Thank you.

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