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Tom Stapleton and Camp Tamiyd, Inc.

Tom Stapleton has been studying and teaching the Scriptures since the mid-1980’s.

The Biblical focus of this ministry is to spread a knowledge of our wonderful God and His Son Yeshua, the Sabbath and annual feasts, prophecy (especially as it relates to soon-coming world events), and general Bible knowledge. We accept our part in the mandate to make disciples of all nations, to baptize and to teach people to observe all things that we are commanded (Matthew 28:19-20).

The Ministry holds yearly convocations corresponding with Passover in the spring, Pentecost seven weeks after, and Tabernacles in the fall at our campgrounds in the Christian Valley, British Columbia. These sessions are filled with Bible study, prayer, sharing testimonies, fellowship, baptisms and great food.

Please participate with Tom Stapleton and Camp Tamiyd, Inc. with your prayers, your support, your input and by sharing messages with others.

Thank you.


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