About Camp Tamiyd

Camp Tamiyd Mission Statement:

The mission of Camp Tamiyd, Inc. is first and foremost to preach the everlasting gospel in preparation for our coming King, Yeshua. That message includes the need for God’s people to prepare their arks of safety with like-minded people, wherever they are, for the greatest time of trouble this world has ever seen, which precedes His Coming.

Why is it named Camp Tamiyd?

Camp Tamiyd was named after the one appointed time most responsible for building a relationship with Yehovah and His Son, Yeshua – the daily (morning and evening) hour of prayer and worship (Acts 3:1). “Tamiyd” is the Hebrew word translated “daily” or “continual” in texts such as Number 28:3-4. This time reminds us of our continual, daily need of Yeshua, our sacrifice.

What is Camp Tamiyd?

Camp Tamiyd is first and foremost a ministry. Camp Tamiyd is a private property, the ministry outpost of Tom Stapleton and a few families who feel a burden to help spread this end time prophecy and preparation message. Just as Noah was called to prepare an ark for the saving of his family (Hebrews 11:7), Yehovah has put it on our hearts to both prepare an ark for our families, as well as to put our ministry efforts into teaching others how and why they should also be preparing an ark of safety for their families, wherever they may be.

For those who think they would like to be part of Camp Tamiyd, our desire is that you have taken the first steps of thoroughly studying our ministry teachings, joined us for festivals, worship or fellowship for a period of time, and have demonstrated your commitment to join our ministry through your volunteerism and support.

What Camp Tamiyd is not:

Camp Tamiyd is not a housing subdivision, we are not a retirement community, we are not a holiday resort, or even simply a nice home in the mountains. We are a ministry.

Camp Tamiyd is not a commune. Each family living here is responsible for their own housing, living expenses, transportation, food, education of their children, etc.

Camp Tamiyd is not a hideout, nor is it a place where a few families are preparing a hideout for hundreds or thousands of people during the tribulation. That is simply not feasible.

Now is the time to prepare

If you believe that God is calling you out of the cities and into the country, do not delay or make the mistake of thinking that others are building your ark of safety for you. Remember Hebrews 11:7 – Noah prepared an ark for the saving of his household. It could very well be that there were no spare bedrooms in the ark. Scripture is silent on this point. Noah most certainly would have shared his ark plans with whomever may have heard God’s call, so that others could have saved their families.

Now is the time for you to begin building your own ark of safety, wherever you may be. Yeshua tells us that the end times will be as in the days of Noah. God took care of Noah by telling him of the coming storm and to build and gather what he would need to ride out that storm. Remember that God supernaturally closed the door of the ark a full week before the first raindrop fell. Those who are waiting for the tribulation before preparing will likely find it too late to get out of the system. If the Holy Spirit is calling you, now is the time for you to begin preparing.

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